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Dew Tour Marketing

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Was downtown the other night some friends at a local pub and a couple of ladies clad in snowboard gear gave us some free handkerchiefs that had Dew Tour written on them.  The handkerchiefs didn’t have a date  on them or even that the Dew Tour was going to be in Vermont, but they did create a buzz and everyone gets a good feeling from getting something for free. The girls were friendly and upbeat, and fit the part of the snowboard culture. Mission complete for creating a good feeling about the Dew Tour.


What a Great Idea.. a Mock Protest

Posted in Experiential Marketing with tags , on January 29, 2010 by caitlineoconnor

Attack! Marketing sent brand ambassadors to act as mock protesters  to draw attention to City Heights high-rise living in San Jose. The teams of mock protestors chanted for “better views and lower dues” , held signs and passed out postcards to those who were interested.

Good idea?

Some thought so because over 4 deposits for the City Heights apartments had been placed at the end of the weekend after the promotion. Over 1.2 million in revenue was made!

Creative,  very experiential, I like it.

Experiential Campaigns

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Experience marketing is the way to go. Putting a face to a brand is what almost every company seeks to do, and what better way to do this than literally hiring someone who has a “friendly face” to represent your brand. In my opinion, experiential marketing is the most effective type of marketing. Yes, companies do take a risk by hiring  people who they don’t even know to represent their brand but when they hit it right they have the ability to directly influence thousands, millions even- depending on how large the campaign is. So how can a company hit it right, and have a successful, profitable campaign?

  • Hire upbeat, personable and energetic people who smile.
  • If you aren’t directly doing the hiring, go with a reputable promotional staffing company. There are many promotional staffing companies out there who only care about getting paid and don’t follow up effectively with their staff.
  • Tour Managers who really care are key. Too often they just care about getting the job over with and promotional items distributed as quickly as possible.
  • Have a clear training manual for the staff so that the intended message doesn’t get lost.
  • Encourage pictures and video.