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Magic Hat Twitter Pub Crawl Marketing Success

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Magic Hat successfully perfected the art of combining experiential marketing with social media with the Magic Hat Twitter Pub Crawl event that took place last week in Burlington VT.

In my opinion Magic Hat Brewery has some of the best beer marketing anyway, so when they were assigned as a client to my peers in my senior marketing class I didn’t think there was much that they could suggest that Magic Hat hadn’t already thought of themselves. However, the team pulled it off and created the idea that was the Twitter Pub Crawl.

The crawl consisted of having teams of 4 where at least one player had to have a Smartphone. There was one central meeting place and the Magic Hat Twitter account tweeted clues throughout the night on which bars to go.There was a twitter hashtag  as well so players could tweet about the crawl while they were doing it.  The clues were tricky riddles about the different bars around Burlington and players had to collect a receipt from each bar.   At the end, the teams had to come back to the meeting place with their receipts to see if they got them all right.  The teams who went to all the right bars were put into a drawing and the winning team won free plane tickets to anywhere Jet Blue flies.

The event was such a success because it was low-cost for Magic Hat,  money was raised for charity (it cost five dollars for those who participated and the participants got a T-Shirt and the money went to COTS)and a large amount of people were reached (38 teams of 4 participated and people followed the hashtag on twitter).

Everyone was a winner in the Magic Hat Twitter Pub Crawl including COTS, Jet Blue, everyone who participated (because it was so fun!) , the actual winners of the crawl and of course Magic Hat.

The combination of social media and experiential marketing is a powerful, low-cost marketing method that can be tricky to get right, but Magic Hat did it!



Surprise!.. Social Media is Important

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Having a social media presence is crucial for success in today’s world for any type of brand.  Why? Because it allows for engagement, is inexpensive in terms of money (not time) and the internet is where people are now spending the majority of their time.

This blog was originally created for my Marketing Management class at Champlain College as a personal branding project. Along with it, I used my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to further my personal branding process.

Overall this project was a success for me. In the span of a little less than 3 months my blog has gotten around 900 views and I have gained around 280 new Twitter followers. It may not seem like a ton compared to others, but that is still a lot of people that I would not have reached if it weren’t for social media.

Along with reaching a lot of new people, I have also:

  • guest blogged
  • interacted with industry professionals.
  • had my blog promoted by industry professionals
  • had a way to share my knowledge with the world
  • been asked to share my marketing knowledge to help brands.

The only challenge I faced was time. Blogging and tweeting is definitely time-consuming, but if it isn’t forced it is enjoyable and, like all enjoyable things, time really isn’t a factor.

Having a social media presence is an effective way to prove to everyone that you rock! It is also a way to differentiate yourself from others and let your personality shine through.  I’m glad this was a requirement for my marketing class and as the semester ends, I will continue to blog about my experiences with marketing.

Memorable Experiential Campaigns

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As many of those who work promotions know, there are those that are run properly and effectively and those that are just plain boring and ineffective.  There are only a handful of promotions that stand out in my mind as being highly effective. I would have to say the top promo that I have ever worked was Virgin Atlantic Airline’s 15th anniversary in Boston.  This was not your typical promotional campaign. It consisted of creating a “party” in the airport terminal for customers flying from Boston to London. The best part was that the customers had no idea this was going to happen and were utterly surprised when they received goodies, were greeted with music and made to feel like celebrities.  Not only did this increase brand loyalty by making existing customers feel important, but all the other people flying on other airlines that had terminals nearby probably felt a little envious of Virgin Atlantic passengers.

Another promotion that stood out in my mind was one I worked for The Boston Globe newspaper, which consisted of riding around to Boston’s hotspots in an ice cream truck and passing out the Boston Globe as well as free ice cream. Again, this was effective because of the surprise factor and getting free ice cream made a wide range of people feel good about the brand.

In my opinion, the best campaigns are not the ones that just influence possible new customers, but the ones that build brand loyalty with existing customers.


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In my marketing class we have been given the opportunity to trial and play around with Radian6 to monitor what the web is saying about our clients.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Radian6 “gives you a complete platform to listen, measure and engage with your customers across the entire social web”. In short, it allows companies to monitor everything people are saying about them on the web as well as anything related to their product. It is sort of like analytics, except it measures in conversations rather than numbers.

The power Radian6 holds for a company is immense.  It allows for complete engagement on the web, the ultimate way to enhance user experience. After all, engagement is more important than just the numbers; making an impression is what counts.  In my opinion, it is an excellent tool for anyone who is trying to engage people with their brand. In terms of experiential marketing, Radian6 allows for more of an experience with a consumer because it lets you know what your market is saying about your product and then you can influence them directly. This is so important because with the growth of social media, brands need to engage in conversations that are taking place online. Radian6 allows brands to tap into and engage in the social conversations that are taking place on the web.

The program is not free, so for companies that don’t want to spend the money, I suggest taking a look around the website because there is a lot on there about the importance of engagement.

Guest Post for General® Snus

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Check out my guest post on my experience promoting General® Snus in the Vermont area….

Straight From the Source


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This is my last post on Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate

To recap, the 7 triggers of fascination are:

Lust- the desire or craving for sensory gratification
Mystique- lures with a puzzle, or unanswered questions
Alarm- threatens with immediate consequences
Prestige– earns respect through symbols of achievement
Power- command over others
Vice-tempts with “forbidden fruit”, causing us to step outside our usual habits or behaviors.
Trust- comforts us with certainty and reliability.

The ability to fascinate is crucial in today’s world because complete focus is so scarce.  “People don’t want to connect with brands . They want to connect with each other.  Fascinating companies create more opportunities for people to connect with each other, through the brand” (44). Through connecting with fascination, people will be completely focused on your message, whether they logically want to be or not.

Overall, Fascinate was a very useful tool in both business and life. The last section of the book tells you how to put the seven triggers of fascination into effect. Sally covers all the bases. The book is so great because it can be used for a product you are working on marketing or on marketing yourself. A must read for those building their personal brand as well as those working in the field of marketing