In my marketing class we have been given the opportunity to trial and play around with Radian6 to monitor what the web is saying about our clients.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Radian6 “gives you a complete platform to listen, measure and engage with your customers across the entire social web”. In short, it allows companies to monitor everything people are saying about them on the web as well as anything related to their product. It is sort of like analytics, except it measures in conversations rather than numbers.

The power Radian6 holds for a company is immense.  It allows for complete engagement on the web, the ultimate way to enhance user experience. After all, engagement is more important than just the numbers; making an impression is what counts.  In my opinion, it is an excellent tool for anyone who is trying to engage people with their brand. In terms of experiential marketing, Radian6 allows for more of an experience with a consumer because it lets you know what your market is saying about your product and then you can influence them directly. This is so important because with the growth of social media, brands need to engage in conversations that are taking place online. Radian6 allows brands to tap into and engage in the social conversations that are taking place on the web.

The program is not free, so for companies that don’t want to spend the money, I suggest taking a look around the website because there is a lot on there about the importance of engagement.


One Response to “Radian6”

  1. Very happy you have the opportunity to trial our tool. I do hope you are finding it useful and share feedback at the end of the session.

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

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