Surprise!.. Social Media is Important

Having a social media presence is crucial for success in today’s world for any type of brand.  Why? Because it allows for engagement, is inexpensive in terms of money (not time) and the internet is where people are now spending the majority of their time.

This blog was originally created for my Marketing Management class at Champlain College as a personal branding project. Along with it, I used my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to further my personal branding process.

Overall this project was a success for me. In the span of a little less than 3 months my blog has gotten around 900 views and I have gained around 280 new Twitter followers. It may not seem like a ton compared to others, but that is still a lot of people that I would not have reached if it weren’t for social media.

Along with reaching a lot of new people, I have also:

  • guest blogged
  • interacted with industry professionals.
  • had my blog promoted by industry professionals
  • had a way to share my knowledge with the world
  • been asked to share my marketing knowledge to help brands.

The only challenge I faced was time. Blogging and tweeting is definitely time-consuming, but if it isn’t forced it is enjoyable and, like all enjoyable things, time really isn’t a factor.

Having a social media presence is an effective way to prove to everyone that you rock! It is also a way to differentiate yourself from others and let your personality shine through.  I’m glad this was a requirement for my marketing class and as the semester ends, I will continue to blog about my experiences with marketing.


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