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All State Insurance Promotion

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I recently worked a 9 day long promotion for All State Insurance at Laconia Bike Week. One of the main things that interests me about promotions, and marketing in general, is the chance to get involved in and having to appeal to various subcultures. Culture is the reason I am so highly interested in marketing and travel and it is great when I can combine the two.

Bike week was an experience to say the least. There were bikers who attended from all over the U.S. and Canada and I got the opportunity to talk with a large majority of them. Our job at the All State Tent consisted of collecting peoples’ information and entering them in to win a Dave Perewitz Motorcycle.

On the consumer side of things, the All State Insurance promotion was a success in my opinion. We reached approximately 7000 different people, many of which were unaware that All State insured motorcycles .  The tent that All State had set up included complimentary massage chairs, free shoe shines, a mobile museum with the history of motorcycles, an emcee, an opportunity to chat with Dave Perewitz himself and a chance to win one of his bikes.  Experimental marketing at its finest, in my opinion.

The one qualm I had with the whole promotion is the way it was managed in terms of promotional staff. 9-10 hour days in the summertime sun, on your feet, for 9 days straight is very exhausting no matter how energetic a person you are. This poses a productivity problem because, in order to make a good impression on people you must be as upbeat and happy as possible. I do not believe that longer hours necessarily mean you will reach more people than you would if the hours were shorter and your staff were more energetic and upbeat. However, the girls I did work with were the best for the job. They were hard workers, upbeat and energetic for sure.

All State Promo Model Lauren decked out for Flag Day!

The Perewitz motorcycle All State was giving away.


ACCC Promotion

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The other day I staffed a quick one day event for American Consumer Credit Counseling. It has been quite a while since I have worked such a simple, quick promotion. Honestly, since it has been so long , I almost wrote them off as ineffective and not important.  I was skeptical at first because our job was to pass out pens with the website on them. Pens? Who needs pens?  That doesn’t seem very cool, and in my mind nobody would take them.. however to my surprise everyone wanted a free pen and we couldn’t give them out fast enough.

The most effective part of this promotion was that we were positioned outside of a metro station next to the free Metro newspaper which had an ad for ACCC on the back where people could fill in the blanks with their expenses.  We ended up giving about 1,500 pens in only 3 hours.. not a bad reach if you ask me.