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Working in the promotional field can be messy sometimes. You are an independent contractor and basically you are your own business that you run yourself. You must keep track of  the agencies you work for, find and book your own work, be careful not to double book (this can be easy to do when you apply but don’t get the confirmation in time), make sure paperwork is filled out and sent in on time, keep track of when you get paid ( sometimes it can be weeks, sometimes over a month), track down your pay (unfortunately this can be a common occurrence),  keep your pictures up to date, keep your promo resume up to date, know the route to the promotion (since you are always working at different events and venues), make sure you have the appropriate attire, and be able to plan for and react to event cancellation and disorganization on the agency side.  This means organization is key.

The way I keep organized is I keep a hard copy of everything as well as keep it digitally stored in my email. It is important to not delete any email confirmations just in case you need to look back at the details to find out who you should be contacting if you didn’t get paid. I use my phone calendar to write in the events and times that I have already booked. I keep a binder of all event confirmations as well as recap forms, w9s and anything else that needs to be faxed into the agency. I also find it helpful to make an excel spreadsheet of the event I worked, date, payment and agency and check it off as I get paid.

Working in the promotional field can also be a gamble sometimes because you could commit to one gig and then get an email for one on the same day that pays a lot more. My advice for this is to set payment standards for the weekends and only commit to working lower paying ones during the week since weekday work is not as common.

Some resources  I find useful are:
An Event Marketing community that has event marketing job posting, discussion and event marketing news.
All things event marketing and tradeshow. Complete with job postings, the latest news and top agency listings.
Similar to, Promo Magazine provides insights into all things promotional marketing.

Fellow BA’s..What are your tips?