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Jack Morton’s Brand Camp

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I was recently fortunate enough to attend Jack Morton’s Brand Camp in Boston. The event was a day-long educational event on experiential marketing and branding. The day consisted of presentations from employees on the importance of experiential, examples of Jack Morton’s work and a group session where we teamed up and created a campaign for a brand we thought needed help.

Brand Camp was not only extremely beneficial for the attendees but it was also beneficial for Jack Morton as an agency . They successfully created the kind of experience that they claim to (and do) create for their clients for us, the next generation of marketers. There aren’t many marketing agencies out there, if any, that put efforts into influencing emerging marketers. This is key because how can you be “the best marketing agency” unless other marketers think of you as such?  An interesting , creative and effective approach taken by Jack Morton.

Key points made at Brand Camp:

  • Experiences trump all in quest for meaning & happiness.
  • Simple can be better when it comes to branding
  • To be successful a brand must connect & interact
  • Experiential marketing is not just event marketing. Experiential is your experience with the brand through the journey.
  • Jack Morton looks at brands as verbs
  • Great advertising for a bad brand isn’t going to help
  • Marketers used to have control but now the consumers do. Marketers have become orchestrators.
  • Brands should never confuse,ignore,break brand promise or try to be something they aren’t
  • Brands that are successful understand their audience, take risks, have a “story” & broadcast commitment

Overall, I rate the event as a grand success. I learned, got the opportunity to network, gained insight into the agency and I now have an overall pleasant feeling for the Jack Morton Agency.


Will Blackberry’s Experiential Marketing create Loyalty?

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I recently read an article about how Blackberry users are running out of loyalty. The article stated that “while 89 percent of iPhone owners plan on getting another iPhone, and 71 percent of Android buyers plan to re-up, only 42 percent of BlackBerry owners plan to stick around”.

Around the same time I read that article, I was in the middle of working a month-long gig promoting Blackberry. The marketing that Blackberry has been doing recently is pretty unique and  it shows how Blackberry is trying to stretch their demographic and create brand loyalty. The two different promotions I was working were at the popular downtown bars in Boston as well as the Black Eyed Peas Tour. Both events, which were run by different marketing companies,  consisted of educating and encouraging Blackberry users to use BBM (which stands for Blackberry Messenger, a feature that is exclusive only to Blackberry). I found it interesting that Blackberry is extending their demographic to include young adults in a nightclub setting when their primary target has always been business professionals; a smart move in my opinion if Blackberry wants to keep up with the competition. I also found it interesting that Blackberry’s goal was to make sure their users become accustomed to using BBM. This is also a smart move because it will create loyalty and it is Blackberry’s biggest differentiation from other smartphones. Along with creating loyalty, the promotion of BBM will also encourage users to pressure their friends to get Blackberry so they can chat through the messenger.  The only fault with the marketing, in my opinion, was the timing. This type of extensive experiential marketing should have been done about a year ago, before the other competitors were launched. I think Blackberry realized they were losing loyalty a few months too late and could have held on to some of its younger users if these events were done earlier.

Some Pictures of the bar events.. More from the Black Eyed Peas events to come..