Large Scale Promotional Events- Field Managers are Key

When it comes to a  large-scale promotional event with a massive public interest there is only so much planning a company can do. When it comes to event marketing, things rarely go according to plan. The key to a successful large promotional campaign is the field market manager. Having someone who is a quick thinker and problem solver is crucial.  Having someone who is organized, calm and that the staff respects is just as important.

I recently worked an event for Chase and United’s New United MileagePlus Explorer Card. The event took place in Justin Herman Plaza and featured a pop-up baggage claim where consumers could line up for free and pick a bag off the carousel. Each bag contained a prize, some of which included: a Luxury Hotel & Resort Getaway, Fujifilm DSLR Camera, $200 Tumi Gift Card, eReaders and the grand prize of 1 million flier miles. The event was a huge hit and the crowd grew to enormity once the word got out.

This type of event required a lot of staff and I was impressed at how well managed the promotion was considering this. The hours were long, the sun was blazing and the crowd was crazy. Despite all of this, staff kept high energy and the event left a great impression in the minds of consumers. Having a large event like this run so well is somewhat rare and I’m happy to post about what a success the event was.


One Response to “Large Scale Promotional Events- Field Managers are Key”

  1. Hello, the United, Chase and Visa promotion was one of the best executed promotion I saw at Justin Herman Plaza. There was excellent pre-selling in the morning to commuters who were going to their offices. Great Job!!!

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