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“Fairly Legal” Promotion in San Francisco

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After finally having made my move to the West Coast, I worked the perfect promotion for someone new to the city of San Francisco. Last week, a street team of about 20 gathered to promote USA Network’s new TV show “Fairly Legal”. We hit all the busy spots in the city and even made our way to Berkeley and, let’s just say we made a lot of noise.

Fairly Legal is series about Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) being a firm believer that justice can always be found, even if it’s not always in the courtroom.”Once a lawyer at her family’s esteemed San Francisco firm, Kate’s frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator”.

The promotion consisted of a street team, all dressed in the same attire to emulate Kate, mocking a protest and yelling the show’s taglines such as: “Get Kate, Mediate!” “Don’t Hate, Litigate”(on Haight Street) and “No Mitigation, Only Mediation”. Also, we handed out gray and white cookies because “justice is never black and white”.

While this promotion was being run in other cities, I assume that it received the most attention in San Francisco and Berkeley due to the fact that it was a mock protest. Many people in areas that are famous for protesting voiced their frustration with the promotion saying that they felt it was “out of line”.  Well, being a publicity stunt, negative attention is still attention and therefore the promotion was effective. There were, of course,  people who enjoyed the event as well, finding it entertaining.


Philips Norelco promotion at TRON: Legacy

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Philips Norelco recently launched the new SensoTouch 3D shaver and with it came ‘The Game Has Changed’ marketing campaign. The experiential marketing event was tied in with Disney’s TRON: Legacy.  Philips Norelco offered tickets to an advance screening of the film in 16 cities, greater Boston being one of them. All of the advanced screening premiers took place at Imax 3d theaters.

The event had a Philips Norelco footprint set up where people lined up for the movie and included Tron character cutouts, displays of the shavers, and photo and poster give-aways. In my opinion the campaign was a great way to reinforce the prestige of the product. TRON and Philips Norelco may seem like a far-fetched collaboration, but offering complimentary tickets to an advanced screening of an eagerly awaited film definitely creates a prestigious brand image.

GM at The New England International Auto Show

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I just finished up an experiential event for General Motors at The New England International Auto Show. I have to say, I am impressed with GM’s current marketing efforts. The event was called “Experience the Drive” and it let event attendees test drive the latest General Motor vehicles without having to deal with sales people and dealers. This created a no-pressure, fun and welcoming experience. The vehicles that were available to test drive were the Chevy Camaro, Chevy Equinox, Chevy Traverse, Chevy Silverado, Chevy Cruze, Buick Regal, Buick LaCrosse, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, GMC Terrain and GMC Yukon Hybrid.

My job was to be an “in-vehicle host” and ride around with the test drivers and answer any questions they may have about the vehicles.  After the test drive, we surveyed drivers on how the event effected their impression of GM. Consumer feedback proved that the event was a huge hit.  Almost every single person had a positive reaction and seemed excited about GM. A lot of people had changed their opinion of the company and said that they were much more likely to buy a GM vehicle in the future. Old perceptions usually die hard, but GM seems to be making huge steps in the right direction. This just proves the power of an event that is well thought out and properly executed.

Electro and Tonic. Com

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My blog posts and tweets have not been as frequent lately due to the fact that I just co-launched a new blog, Electro and Tonic. While it is not experiential or even marketing related, it is giving me the opportunity to further my social media marketing, SEO, and even experiential marketing skills.  The blog is purely a hobby and it focuses on electronic music as well as local venues and events. This just goes to show you that no matter what you are working on, even if it is just a hobby, marketing is a part of it in order to grow.

If any of my followers are interested in electronic music be sure to check out the new blog and follow Electro and Tonic on Twitter @electroandtonic

Musicians & Branding

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I recently attended a Deadmau5 concert in Kansas City and the whole experience made me realize how incredibly important it is to brand yourself as a musician. Both performers at the show, Deadmau5 (pronounced “dead-mouse”) and his opener Skrillex, have successfully done this in a number of ways.

For one, Deadmau5’s “mau5head” is an icon in the electronic music world. The performer wears a different mouse-shaped head as he performs different songs. This is his logo; it encompasses his brand and it is different and unforgettable.

Skrillex also does a superb job branding himself. The track he opened with is called “My Name Is Skrillex” and it is one of the most catchy songs I have ever heard. I will never forget his name because of this track.

My Name Is Skrillex

Also, Skrillex has successfully differentiated him via his appearance. This is something musicians have done throughout history and is still effective today. It’s all about the hair-do..

Concerts have been a form of experiential marketing even before experiential marketing was thought of as a form of marketing. They are the ultimate brand experience.

Will Blackberry’s Experiential Marketing create Loyalty?

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I recently read an article about how Blackberry users are running out of loyalty. The article stated that “while 89 percent of iPhone owners plan on getting another iPhone, and 71 percent of Android buyers plan to re-up, only 42 percent of BlackBerry owners plan to stick around”.

Around the same time I read that article, I was in the middle of working a month-long gig promoting Blackberry. The marketing that Blackberry has been doing recently is pretty unique and  it shows how Blackberry is trying to stretch their demographic and create brand loyalty. The two different promotions I was working were at the popular downtown bars in Boston as well as the Black Eyed Peas Tour. Both events, which were run by different marketing companies,  consisted of educating and encouraging Blackberry users to use BBM (which stands for Blackberry Messenger, a feature that is exclusive only to Blackberry). I found it interesting that Blackberry is extending their demographic to include young adults in a nightclub setting when their primary target has always been business professionals; a smart move in my opinion if Blackberry wants to keep up with the competition. I also found it interesting that Blackberry’s goal was to make sure their users become accustomed to using BBM. This is also a smart move because it will create loyalty and it is Blackberry’s biggest differentiation from other smartphones. Along with creating loyalty, the promotion of BBM will also encourage users to pressure their friends to get Blackberry so they can chat through the messenger.  The only fault with the marketing, in my opinion, was the timing. This type of extensive experiential marketing should have been done about a year ago, before the other competitors were launched. I think Blackberry realized they were losing loyalty a few months too late and could have held on to some of its younger users if these events were done earlier.

Some Pictures of the bar events.. More from the Black Eyed Peas events to come..

Brand Ambassador Resources

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Working in the promotional field can be messy sometimes. You are an independent contractor and basically you are your own business that you run yourself. You must keep track of  the agencies you work for, find and book your own work, be careful not to double book (this can be easy to do when you apply but don’t get the confirmation in time), make sure paperwork is filled out and sent in on time, keep track of when you get paid ( sometimes it can be weeks, sometimes over a month), track down your pay (unfortunately this can be a common occurrence),  keep your pictures up to date, keep your promo resume up to date, know the route to the promotion (since you are always working at different events and venues), make sure you have the appropriate attire, and be able to plan for and react to event cancellation and disorganization on the agency side.  This means organization is key.

The way I keep organized is I keep a hard copy of everything as well as keep it digitally stored in my email. It is important to not delete any email confirmations just in case you need to look back at the details to find out who you should be contacting if you didn’t get paid. I use my phone calendar to write in the events and times that I have already booked. I keep a binder of all event confirmations as well as recap forms, w9s and anything else that needs to be faxed into the agency. I also find it helpful to make an excel spreadsheet of the event I worked, date, payment and agency and check it off as I get paid.

Working in the promotional field can also be a gamble sometimes because you could commit to one gig and then get an email for one on the same day that pays a lot more. My advice for this is to set payment standards for the weekends and only commit to working lower paying ones during the week since weekday work is not as common.

Some resources  I find useful are:
An Event Marketing community that has event marketing job posting, discussion and event marketing news.
All things event marketing and tradeshow. Complete with job postings, the latest news and top agency listings.
Similar to, Promo Magazine provides insights into all things promotional marketing.

Fellow BA’s..What are your tips?