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“Fairly Legal” Promotion in San Francisco

Posted in Experiential Marketing, Promotional Events with tags , , , , , , , , on January 27, 2011 by caitlineoconnor

After finally having made my move to the West Coast, I worked the perfect promotion for someone new to the city of San Francisco. Last week, a street team of about 20 gathered to promote USA Network’s new TV show “Fairly Legal”. We hit all the busy spots in the city and even made our way to Berkeley and, let’s just say we made a lot of noise.

Fairly Legal is series about Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) being a firm believer that justice can always be found, even if it’s not always in the courtroom.”Once a lawyer at her family’s esteemed San Francisco firm, Kate’s frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator”.

The promotion consisted of a street team, all dressed in the same attire to emulate Kate, mocking a protest and yelling the show’s taglines such as: “Get Kate, Mediate!” “Don’t Hate, Litigate”(on Haight Street) and “No Mitigation, Only Mediation”. Also, we handed out gray and white cookies because “justice is never black and white”.

While this promotion was being run in other cities, I assume that it received the most attention in San Francisco and Berkeley due to the fact that it was a mock protest. Many people in areas that are famous for protesting voiced their frustration with the promotion saying that they felt it was “out of line”.  Well, being a publicity stunt, negative attention is still attention and therefore the promotion was effective. There were, of course,  people who enjoyed the event as well, finding it entertaining.


Magic Hat Twitter Pub Crawl Marketing Success

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Magic Hat successfully perfected the art of combining experiential marketing with social media with the Magic Hat Twitter Pub Crawl event that took place last week in Burlington VT.

In my opinion Magic Hat Brewery has some of the best beer marketing anyway, so when they were assigned as a client to my peers in my senior marketing class I didn’t think there was much that they could suggest that Magic Hat hadn’t already thought of themselves. However, the team pulled it off and created the idea that was the Twitter Pub Crawl.

The crawl consisted of having teams of 4 where at least one player had to have a Smartphone. There was one central meeting place and the Magic Hat Twitter account tweeted clues throughout the night on which bars to go.There was a twitter hashtag  as well so players could tweet about the crawl while they were doing it.  The clues were tricky riddles about the different bars around Burlington and players had to collect a receipt from each bar.   At the end, the teams had to come back to the meeting place with their receipts to see if they got them all right.  The teams who went to all the right bars were put into a drawing and the winning team won free plane tickets to anywhere Jet Blue flies.

The event was such a success because it was low-cost for Magic Hat,  money was raised for charity (it cost five dollars for those who participated and the participants got a T-Shirt and the money went to COTS)and a large amount of people were reached (38 teams of 4 participated and people followed the hashtag on twitter).

Everyone was a winner in the Magic Hat Twitter Pub Crawl including COTS, Jet Blue, everyone who participated (because it was so fun!) , the actual winners of the crawl and of course Magic Hat.

The combination of social media and experiential marketing is a powerful, low-cost marketing method that can be tricky to get right, but Magic Hat did it!


General® Original Snus Promotion Part 2

Posted in General Marketing with tags , , , , , , , on March 9, 2010 by caitlineoconnor

I’ve been working the General Snus promotion for 3 weeks now so I figured I would update everyone with some of the fun pictures we took.

Overall the promotion is going well. About 20% of the people we approach have heard of the product before and actively seek it out by purchasing it online. The others we approach have no clue what we are talking about and don’t even know what snus is. For those of you who don’t, General Snus is a tobacco product that is contained  in pouches that are placed under the user’s upper lip. Snus is a popular form of smoke-free and spit-less tobacco that is popular among white-collar professionals throughout Scandinavia. General Snus is popular with skiers in Europe and in my opinion there may be a bit of a culture challenge promoting General Snus to the same demographic in the U.S.  Both tobacco and apres-ski are more popular in Europe than here in Vermont. However, I do think General Snus is entering the market the correct way by giving away freebies and prizes. Also, this demographic is untouched by other snus products so General Snus has found their niche.